In the photo above you see where we have now test fitted the sieve box's to the tender, in the coming days theses will be fitted permanently.

A unusual view inside the tenders water tank, work is currently going on to fit the various water feed pipes.

Meanwhile inside the workshop Malcolm our CME is putting threads on the pipework to fit under the tender.

Wickham Update

Above you can see the Chairman Barrie priming the Wickhams metalwork prior to undercoating. Note the freshly stained floor inside the Wickham.

Later in the evening Barrie is seen undercoating the front of the Wickham.

A special thank you goes out to Glenwood who are our preferred paint supplier.

Finally I want to say a thank you as ever to those members who have not been photographed who have been working tirelessly, so a thanks to Mark, Richard, Kurt, Brian and the members who are working in the background.