78018 Debuts at Great Central Railway Gala

October 25, 2016
We are proud to announce that 78018 has ran its first passenger trains on the Great Central Railway. This year marks 50 years since 78018 was withdrawn from BR service.

Below is a collection of images from the gala.

The Chairman Barrie Lamb seen with Brian enjoying a footplate ride.

Richard cracking open the champagne to celebrate,

Left to right: Andy from the Loughbrough Standard Locomotive group, Barrie Lamb (DRPS Chairman since day one), Mark, Jess, Richard, Lee, Paul, Brian and George. George and Barrie have been around since day one.

The people present in the above photo are only a few of the people involved in the 35 year restoration of 78018. A few notable people who are not in the photo include Malcolm our current Chief Mechanical engineer, Barrie Cox, and people who are no longer with us including Mike Brown and Jackie Leng.

The DRPS wants to thank everyone involved in 78018's restoration, and anyone who have supported us during the course of the last 35 years.

Famous film star steam locomotive steams again

August 18, 2016

The locomotive which was the subject of the famous railway documentary film 
Snowdrift at Bleath Gill 
is now back in steam after a 35 year comprehensive restoration, with only the finishing touches and adjustments left to be completed.

78018 stuck in the snow at Bleath Gill

The two photos above show 78018 as we recieved it and 78018 in traffic in BR days.

The work undertaken has taken 35 years of tireless and careful work by members of the Darlington Railway Preservation Society, and more recentl...

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20 Inch gauge track work

August 13, 2016
Track work has progressed on the 20 inch gauge railway. So below are a selection of images from our on going track work,

Step one working out what parts we have to work with.

Track was laid in the workshop first, then a barrow crossing was laid to make access easier.

Phil then drilled and screwed the first panel on to the apron.

The ground was prepared then the first sleeper and rails where laid,

The rails are laid to gauge and the point is started

Finally the part assembled point has continued to ...

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Milestone Reached

July 16, 2016
I am pleased to say that the Scammel has now moved under its own power, more news and a video hopefully to follow

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Track Work

June 18, 2016
Below is a selection of photos from our latest track work effort, 
We are currently re-laying the line outside of the workshop

The starting point for a evenings work.

Positioning the rail ready for fixing to the sleepers.

Securing the rail to the chairs using a key.

Final tweaks and positioning of the rail.

These photos give a brief flavour of what goes into laying track.

And finally just a little view of the shed in the sun.

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