Firstly sorry for the recent lack of news, and here is what we are up to:

Yesterday we had a work party in on Saturday to start work on 78018,s tender.

Firstly we laid rails behind the tenders location, using a concrete sleeper, and individual block sleeps.

Then Mark drilled a set of holes in the rails to fit tie bars to using our petrol driven rail drill.

Once these holes were drilled the tie bars are fitted.

The Tender was then carefully rolled on to the new section of track, with the help of the tractor.

The tender in its new position with one of our members Richard, gracefully posing for the camera.

The final task we undertook was to start assembling scaffolding around the tender for use to work on it.

Work is currently ongoing inside our building on moving the Mike Brown Memorial Railway Library and Archive into its new location inside the building, as well as the start of the redisplay of our museum area. We aim to have this complete for our open day on the 18th of May.

Photos and words bye Paul Bailey