First of all sorry for the lack of updates over the past few months but as you will see its been a busy few months!


 Well, 78018 has left North Road for the Great Central Railway for completion of it's restoration with the assistance of the Loughborough Standard Locomotive Group (LSLG). The LSLG will be the custodians of the locomotive whilst the DRPS will remain the locomotives owners.

Below are some photos of the day 78018 left Darlington,

  Start of the day, 78018 still in the workshop our CME Malcolm Simpson readying her for the move.

78018 in position outside the workshop ready to be craned on to the waiting low loader.

The lift begins. 

78018 in mid air ready for the low loader to reverse in. 

78018 is slowly lowered on to the low loader.

Under the watchful eyes of Malcolm and Mark 78018 touches down on to the low loader.

Fitting the boiler ready for the journey to the GCR.

Richard, Kurt, Malcolm, Barrie, Paul and Sean stand in front of 78018 just before she left, with Mark up on the smoke box.

Northern Gas Board Number One 

Northern Gas board number one is currently back in our workshops undergoing some winter maintenance. Photos to follow.

All photos taken by Paul Bailey (2013), and are not to be used without prior written permission.