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On going work

Posted by Paul Bailey on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, In : Locomotives 

In the photo above you see where we have now test fitted the sieve box's to the tender, in the coming days theses will be fitted permanently.

A unusual view inside the tenders water tank, work is currently going on to fit the various water feed pipes.

Meanwhile inside the workshop Malcolm our CME is putting threads on the pipework to fit under the tender.

Wickham Update

Above you can see the Chairman Barrie priming the Wickhams metalwork prior to undercoating. Note the freshly stained floor ...
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More developments

Posted by Paul Bailey on Sunday, February 15, 2015, In : Locomotives 
78018 News

Above is the sieve boxes which are used to filter out any muck or debris that may be in the tender.

The ladder and most of the pipework is no fitted or ready to be fitted to the standards tender.

Wickham News

Work has continued on the new floor, the engine cover has now been trail fitted and the floor secured in place.
The fuel tank is now fitted, and the floor is shaped to fit.

Keep your eyes open in the coming week for a upcoming announcement about a event happening this year.

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