Peckett News

April 12, 2019
Work has continued this week on the reassembly of Northern Gas Board Number 1.

Brian and Steven removing the blanking plates after the hydraulic test.

Our Chairman Barrie is seen lining out the cylinders, this is one of the many areas that have been repainted so far.

Charlie is seen her applying black paint to one of the front sanders.

Steven and Brian preparing fittings for the vacuum system, each joint needs to be cleaned and sealed to ensure it will hold vacuum.

Various parts of the vacuum brake system awaiting fitting.

Steven fitting the vacuum brakes water trap back to the locomotive.

Charlie is seen working on the 20 inch gauge wagon chassis which he has been restoring.

As ever this work is only possible because of volunteers giving up there time. Do you fancy helping why not get in touch?

Boiler Test Success

April 4, 2019
We are please to announce that Northern Gas Board Number 1 has passed the hydraulic test of the boiler.
On Tuesday the 2nd the test was carried out successfully and then the boiler was placed on the boiler trolley and moved outside the workshop ready for the next phase of work which will see the boiler re-united with the frames.

As ever this work is down to our small team of volunteers, who work tirelessly to preserve Darlington's railway heritage.

Below we see the boiler outside the workshop re...

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Young Volunteers and a Apologie

March 27, 2019
First of all I would like to apologies for the lack of updates but work has been ongoing and as we are all volunteers time was a issue. Anyway latest updates will soon follow on Northern Gas Board Number 1, but meanwhile.

Young Volunteers, We welcome young volunteers below is Charlie (in the blue) our youngest volunteer seen priming the chasis of a 20 inch gauge wagon.

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Peckett Progress

August 2, 2018
Work on the boiler continues as North Bay Railway Engineering Services continue the work. Below is a view from there Facebook page

We Still need your help so why not donate today!

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.Sad Day

May 25, 2018
Sad day, our treasurer for over 30 years, Mr Keith Walshaw, passed away on Monday, a valued member of our group. Photo of Keith at Shildon (in wheel chair) 2017, with our engine 78018. Thank you Keith for all your work and dedication to the DRPS.You will be sadly missed.

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